silvio perpmer

Certified yoga teacher and Yogacarya Suddhyananda

My mother, being a student of Selvarajan Yesudian for many years, introduced me to yoga in my childhood. After graduating from Waldorf School, I completed a training as a certified massage therapist. My knowledge of the body, its functions and movements came in handy and I was able to integrate it quite well into my three years of yoga training.


In 2002, Paramapadma Dhiranandaji introduced me to the technique of Kriya Yoga and trained me to become a certified yoga teacher. In 2005, he awarded me the Yogacarya title (the entitlement to train yoga teachers) and asked me to start the yoga teacher training in Austria together with Nora.


Intensive years of Kriya meditation have accompanied me on my way since 2002, and Dhirananadaji had been my spiritual teacher and friend until he entered the state of Mahasamadhi (goal of Yoga).


Kriya Yoga is my personal path which allows me to bring everything in the world together: profession, family, yoga and meditation. If God is put first, every life is transformed into a wonderful journey.


I have created the "HOME OF SILENCE" to give people the opportunity to experience a place where they can withdraw from the busy world and find peace in order to get closer to themselves.


Whoever finds God inside himself or herself, moves beyond hope and faith and becomes the happiest human being on this planet.



Home of Silence Yoga & Meditations-Lodge in Griechenland ist ein Ort voller Magie und Ruhe, eingebettet in die Schönheit der Natur.





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